Time to Rewrite

I have a novel that I completed months ago. I think it’s a good story. It’s a nice romance with some funny stuff in it. I paid close attention to the development of the characters and I researched historical information that I included. It’s also accurate in its description of the town where it takes place because it’s a place I know well. So why have I already garnered so many rejections from publishers and agents? I have a feeling I’m not the only one to ask that question.

We all like to think that what we write is perfect, and that other people should be falling all over it and knocking down our doors to get their hands on it. Wouldn’t that be nice? The truth is sometimes difficult to face. Maybe after months of submissions to a long list of publishers and agents and the matching list of rejections from same, it’s time to step back and take a look at what is missing in the story. That’s what I’m faced with right now.

Mine is a sweet story and it does have a message, and maybe there is a publisher out there who is looking for just such a manuscript. But I knew something was wrong when more than one publisher has requested the entire manuscript after reading the first three chapters, but then rejects it. What this tells me is that I have the beginning right, with enough of a hook to get someone to read it, but something is missing.

So, it’s rewrite time for me. I’m going to take a closer look at the entire book and see if I can add more suspense, or a mystery, or a bigger message, or something. Right now, I’m in the “thinking” stage trying to decide on the direction I will take. I look at this as my continuing education as a writer.
No one ever said that writing was an easy job. Oh, the ideas might come fast and furious and the actual writing can be quite satisfying, but I want to share that writing and the ideas within it to all the readers that I can touch.

If you have been through this too, let me just encourage you to never give up. There is one thing that I have had to do at certain times over the years that might help you also. I never tell people that I want to be a writer. I don’t say that I’m trying to be a writer. I write. Therefore, published or not, I am a writer! Say it proudly and get back to work.

Author: writersconsortium

I've been a freelance writer for 40 years; published several hundred magazine articles in subjects from biotechnology to travel, inspirational to nutsy, and even written a couple of novels. I also taught a number of classes on "marketing your writing" at a local university, with several of my students moving on to successful writing careers a lot quicker than I did, and I was thrilled to have been a part of their journey. I always enjoy passing on to new writers what I have learned over the years, and I hope this blog will continue to do that.. The writing assignments I most enjoyed were for travel industry publications. I wrote for the National Tour Association, The Group Travel Leader and Bank Travel Management, which is now called The Elite Traveler. Now I concentrate on fiction and essays. I published one romance novel, Caribbean Charade, under the pen name of Louise Perry, but I have since republished it as Ell Wheeler. Caribbean Charade and my latest novel, A Spirit in the Heart, are both available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.com.

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